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  • Christopher Clowes

Camping VS Glamping

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Camping has been an integral part of family summer holidays since broken branches were pieced together and covered with fabric to create shelter. Since then, sleeping under the stars has been considered as one of the riches of living ruggedly. As warmer seasons fast approaches, individuals everywhere will be seeking the ideal location for their summer adventures - and a chance to reconnect with nature. Whilst dedicated outdoorsmen will be looking forward to their time in the Great British countryside, one important question remains… this summer, are you camping or glamping?

Camping Holidays

Fireside conversations, nature immersion and the crisp country air are some of the benefits of traditional camping holidays. We feel a sense of freedom when we finally disconnect from the demands of everyday life and get back to the basics; staying warm and eating with the fire as our only source of heat.

A second thought may make some look fondly back on their rosy memories of traditional camping trips... It is impossible to prepare for rain and mud in a tent, and finding yourself stuck with nothing but saturated clothes and days to go is a sure way to ruin the holiday. From sleeping in the cold to waking up sweaty, the Rural Rendezvous this year has many reasons to be reconsidered. May I remind you of sleeping bags or the dreaded communal showers? That’s if there are showers at all… So why not try ‘glamorous camping’ this year?

After all, there is still nothing quite as enchanting as being surrounded by stretches of tall trees, blooming fields, and roaring rivers. When embarking on a glamping getaway, you can enjoy all that you love about camping.

Glamping Holidays

As soon as you arrive at your campsite destination, you will have to struggle to assemble the dreaded tent! Camping enthusiasts have become increasingly interested in glamping, and with good reason! Glamping may not be for everyone, but there is no shame in rewarding yourself with such 'luxuries'.

This style of camping allows you to stay immersed in the great outdoors. Traditional camping experience still offers you the rustic, remote feeling, just there is no compromise on comfort. The accommodations offered by glamping often provide the necessary amenities so that more people can feel at home. During their stay at a glamping site, many families can be more inclusive; elderly or immobile individuals can embrace the holidays they would have had to miss out on if their family opted for traditional camping on damp grass. Additional benefits include less time struggling with the stove, ultimately meaning more meals and no more charred sausages!

Why choose Yellow Rush?

The grand Yellow Rush Lodge is designed to sleep between 6 to 10 guests, spanning five stunning bedrooms. The lodge’s outside amenities include a hot tub and barbecue area - perfect for families, friends or couples! More so, the Yellow Rush grounds are a paradise; beautiful and equipped with a fishing lake.

When seeking a site with access to entertainment for the whole party, Yellow Rush couldn’t be more perfect! Located just 20 miles from the Historical City of York, our grounds are an idyllic base for exploring all the beautiful county Yorkshire has to offer.

If you liked reading this blog, then you will love the blog - Why Holiday in Yorkshire? Should you wish to enquire further regarding a luxurious glamping experience at the wonderful Yellow Rush grounds this summer, be sure to contact the team!

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