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Reasons to go on a UK Holiday

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Whether you like to spend your summer relaxing by the sea or taking in some action-packed activities, more and more people are choosing to spend their hard-earned cash on a UK holiday. After all, why go on a foreign holiday when there’s so much right on your doorstep? From breathtaking mountain ranges, national parks and golden beaches, the UK has something for everyone. Trips such as hot tub lodge holidays are now surging in popularity - here are five reasons to go on a UK holiday:

Less Stress

Often it takes many hours from when you leave your front door to when you eventually arrive at your hotel room. Add to this the additional stress of having to wait to board your plane, getting through Passport Control, strict Covid test requirements, more waiting for baggage and the possibility of having to quarantine! You could have driven anywhere in the UK in that time and would have had a chance to treat yourself to a nice lunch stop too. Holidaying in the UK equals less stress!

Less travel time

If you are not prepared to embrace the hustle and bustle in the race to the airport with crowds of struggling travellers, a stay in the UK may suit you better. The requirement of less travel time often appeals to those with small children or those that are somewhat overcome with a fear of flying! Additionally, there is the added assurance that you are never too far from home should your circumstances change unexpectedly and at short notice.

No luggage limitations!

Holidaying in the UK means you can take as little or as much luggage as you wish! There will be no scales or unpleasant surprises of excess luggage costs to pay.

Get to know your country

The UK has plenty of beautiful countrysides and breathtaking walking routes; not to mention some fantastic coastlines! Opting for a UK holiday is guaranteed to immerse you into the culture. The picturesque villages in the lake district, Michelin star restaurants, even the traditional fish and chip shops are all family-friendly and can be a big tick off your bucket list. A delight to investigate, our towns and villages are often filled with fascinating history, bygone mysteries, musical festivals and magical monuments. And where could be better, especially after a long day, than a lovely local pub to sample the local brew! It's all here in the United Kingdom!

Make It A Road Trip

This country is home to some incredible historical locations, surrounded by stunning landscapes and picturesque villages. With so much to see and do in Yorkshire, why not make it the road trip of a lifetime! Whether you are en route to Scotland, Cornwall, Norfolk or Wales, we look forward to welcoming you to the luxury holiday lodges at Yellowrush.

Yellowrush Lodges are ideally situated in the heart of Yorkshire, making it a great location to explore this country's largest county or break up your planned journey en route to pastures. Our luxury lodge cabins can cater for a number of family sizes, and they truly offer a “home from home” experience with that added touch of luxury. Centrally located and just 20 miles from the historic city of York. We would love to hear from you. Please visit our website for more details or call our Team, who are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you loved reading this blog, you should read - Why choose Yellow Rush Lodge for your family holiday?

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