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  • Christopher Clowes

Why Holiday in Yorkshire?

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Whether you're visiting the Moors or seaside towns, Yorkshire offers a wealth of activities. Situated upon a stunning coastline and encapsulated within the dales, log cabins in Yorkshire are an idyllic destination. Our site is an excellent spot for creating family memories; you can immerse yourself in some of the most beautiful features of Yorkshire when you stay with us.


Yorkshire offers a variety of family friendly activities suitable for all ages - you can immerse yourself in the culture and discover landscapes like you never have before. A key attraction annually for thousands of tourists is the historical significance of this impressive country; as demonstrated superbly by the beauty of Castle Howard and six surrounding museums! A Yorkshire coast walk across sandy beaches and a country meal are also essential aspects of this trip. The adventurers at Dalby Forest can experience additional tree-top adventures through Go Ape.

Historical Sites

The county of Yorkshire boasts a rich historical heritage; from the cities to the Moorland, there are numerous historic buildings and ancient ruins. Through its historic sites and gothic architecture, Yorkshire is an ideal holiday destination; making it an idyllic feature to your holiday! A Yorkshire holiday gives you a glimpse into a famous past you might not otherwise have encountered. Abundant in atmosphere and true to its past, a holiday in Yorkshire encourages a dive into Great British Heritage like no other.

Why holiday at Yellow Rush?

If you love being around your family and in the comfort of your own home, then Yellow Rush Lodges is the place for you. Our lodge is decorated with a unique spin, you are guaranteed to find something that is suited to your preference, from keeping with the modern movement to hibernating next to a flaming fireplace with blankets.. not forgetting the hot chocolate!

Our luxury 4000 square foot holiday lodges feature a range of facilities and rooms to fit all different types of families. Including; a large kitchen with a dining room, two living rooms, feature fireplace, 5 bedrooms, 2 ensuites, 1 shared bathroom, an extra toilet, a courtyard with hot tub and a bbq - each lodge is ready to face every season, from being cozy around the fire in winter to sizzling some sausages on the bbq in summer.

Yellow Rush Lodge has a 2-acre fishing lake on-site for all the carp loving fisherpeople out there! As we are luckily enough to be situated at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds, Yellow Rush Country Park is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Surrounded by lovely landscaped grounds and there is a direct link to the bridleway network from the site with beautiful countryside walks in the great outdoors.

The county of Yorkshire is one of the UK's most desirable holiday destinations. Whether you are looking for a romantic escape or to experience both Great British nature and the countryside with your family, there is no better place to visit than England's largest and most beloved county. Isn't it time you visited a place that offers fascinating history, cultural delights, and incredible scenery? If you enjoyed this blog, you should read Camping vs Glamping next. For further enquiries regarding a stay in one of our holiday accommodation cabins, contact us today!

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